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Small Business Services To Ease Your Transition To Padgett

If you’re like most small business owners, you currently have an accountant who helps you with tax-related issues and preparation. But, what happens when you need greater support and have to move on? Small business transition planning is a service that takes the pain and responsibility of breaking ties and progressing to a more supportive partner off your shoulders.

Rely on Padgett as your small business advisor to make the transition from your accountant with little to no involvement needed on your end. This process includes:

  1. Laying out a step-by-step transition plan for your small business
  2. Contacting your current accountant to inform him/her of the transition
  3. Transferring all files and information needed to continue supporting your business without interruption

Nothing should stop you from making the necessary changes to progress your business forward. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make this type of change less difficult. Let Padgett bear the responsibility of planning your small business transition

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