Small Business Accounting Services

Make your small business work better for you with a little help from Padgett Business Services. Our firm offers business consulting that is tailored for the specific needs of small, local companies. 

The qualified financial business consultants on our team never waste your time with fluff or jargon. We get right to the heart of the matter, providing you with an in-depth analysis of your company's financial health. Our analysis factors in both your present condition and your goals for the future.  

A special Padgett Reality Check Report™ is also available. This report offers a complete data comparison of your business and similar companies in your industry, allowing you to easily see where you can improve your profitability. With these analyses and reports, as well as our other business consulting services, you are empowered to make fully informed decisions about your business.

Boost Profits with Our Business Consulting Services

Streamline your small business and boost your monthly profits with our business consulting services. We will examine your business model, operations, and cash flow to customize a clear plan of action that allows you to limit your expenses and regulate your payroll. The goal of our many financial consulting services is always to help you take control of your business and keep more cash in your pocket at the end of the day.

Small Business Consulting Firm Services Available

Every company is different, so every company has different needs. We work with you to determine exactly which financial business consulting services you would benefit from, rather than trying to oversell you on assistance you do not need. Make an appointment with us for a no-cost business assessment. During your free assessment, we will discuss your business's present circumstances, its short and long-term goals, and discuss how we can help you.  

Our Services

Tax Consulting & Representation

Get support managing your income, payroll and sales tax, as well as the advice you need to understand and prevent typical tax problems.

Payroll Services

Never worry about paying your employees on time again. Padgett's payroll services – from software to advice – ensure a smooth payroll cycle.

Financial Reporting & Bookkeeping

Lean on a trusted advisor to help you understand what your data means, but more importantly, to create a plan for improving your business.

Government & Tax Compliance

Ensure the accurate and timely completion of your compliance forms while minimizing the burden of managing these important records.

Accounting Services

Our accounting services are available: to take the burden off of you so you can get back to doing what you do best – focusing on growing your business.

Business Consulting Services

Every business decision you make impacts your future. With Padgett's in-depth knowledge of your business, you’re set to achieve your goals and dreams.

Contact our firm to learn more about what business consulting services we offer and how they can help your small business succeed.

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